Check Out The Latest Theft Idea Called 'Sliders'

Published April 11, 2018 1,103,164 Plays

Rumble It is a common place to be and certainly one that we visit often. Yes, you probably guessed it, its the gas station. The gas station is probably one of the most visited places nowadays due to the fact that if you do happen to own a vehicle of any kind, unless is 100% electric, you need to fill up on gas to get to where ever you need to go. However, things have happen to take a turn for the worse aside of all the security cameras and once again thieves have found a way to go about their "business" at gas stations as well.

Here we have a video which shows an example of this kind of theft first hand and from a very clear view of a gas station camera . This lady happens to casually drive in right beside the gas station and get out of the car and stick the gas hose down her tank and punch in the number so she can purchase her gas. While she is doing her routine, you can very clearly see another car drive right up next to hers and park just close enough so that the guy can perform his act of getting out, remaining below eye sight view and open the drivers door and quickly snatch the purse. He immediately closes the door gently and gets into his own car and drives away very "normally".

Police are warning gas station customers in one California city to be on the lookout for thieves who have recently been taking wallets and purses from people's vehicles as they were pumping gas. In this video the news lady provides a couple of tips in which you can prevent finding your self to be the victim of such crime.

Take a look as this video is worth to see just so you are aware of what can happen if certain precautions aren't taken.


  • JimHarvey1, 1 year ago

    What exactly was "Blondie" studying so intently on that gas pump? Has she never filled up her own car before? Maybe that confusing decision for "Would you like a carwash along with that fillup?" baffled her. Apparently she was so distracted she didn't hear her door open and close along with the associated "ding-ding-ding" of the door ajar warning as her keys were undoubtedly left in the ignition.

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    • JDY, 1 year ago

      Yes, it's totally the fault of the woman. Honestly, what a moron!

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      • Stevejs1, 1 year ago

        She was paying at the pump. It clearly says she was putting in her PIN number before filling up with fuel. This is a normal thing to do. I’ll make sure my passenger door’s locked now if filling on my own.

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