Tourists Pose For The Camera, Are Totally Unprepared For What Happens Seconds Later

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Published: March 25, 2018

If you think that taking pictures with animals and posing in front of them is easy, then think twice. While some animals may be patient and wait for you to make the perfect photos, others just want to have fun and mock with tourists. And if you happen to find yourself in an adventure park, you should expect a little and unforgettable adventure.

The jolly elephant makes sure that these friends will always remember the unsuccessful attempt to pose with him in the Sarvar Adventure Park, which is known locally as Sárvári Kalandpark in Hungary. In the clip, the group of friends pose with the tame elephant in the background and that is when the funny moment starts when this cheeky elephant shoves the tourists in the back as they pose for a photo. Being peaceful for a few moments, the gentle giant decides enough is enough and gives them a good push in the back, causing one of the tourists to fall to the ground. This extremely intelligent animal with his long trunk, large and floppy ears, and wide thick legs, undoubtedly has a sense of humor. Everyone sees the witty side and no-one is hurt in the incident.

Sarvar is the ideal family destination in and out of the water. The spa complex is family-friendly with additional water slides and pools to keep children entertained for hours. Meanwhile, parents can unwind and absorb the medicinal powers of the water. At the same time, the Adventure Park offers plenty of outdoor activities.

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