Kitten Gets Caught Stealing Money From A Purse And Hiding It

AFVPublished: April 10, 2018
Published: April 10, 2018

While we love our cats, they sure do have a way of getting into places they definitely do not need to be. You can’t keep curious cats out of anything! Everybody needs to get paid these days, including, apparently, kittens… Take a look at this cute video and see how this cat-thief steals money from a purse and hides it in the furniture…

We were curious as to why cats like to steal things. So, we did a tiny bit of research on cats. Like many things that our pets do the main thing is almost always to get some attention from their owners.
For some pets, stealing very specific items means that they will certainly get a response from you. In many cases, even negative attention, like a reprimand, is still “good” attention especially if a chase of some kind is involved. The other main one is that the cat just wants to play with something. Sometimes they like the appearance or the texture of the stolen object. You might not actually see your cat play with the stolen items until you find their hidey-hole.

One of the last reasons we read that cats like to steal is because whatever object that they have stolen is considered forbidden fruit. Though, admittedly, usually, the forbidden fruit item is one that the cat does not want you to actually see them steal. We are not totally sure what this cat likes about the moneyshe stole. Perhaps it is a texture or shape fascination. We are fairly certain that she wants to play. As she takes the dollar bill to a chair to kind of bat around.

We are not surprised a curious cat got into someone’s purse, but we are surprised at how much she stole! Watch this video and see how this cat managed to steal and hide some dollars!

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