Newfoundland Changes The Expression Of His Face When He Hears The Word “Water”

Published April 9, 2018 4,642 Plays

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesHave you had an honest conversation with your dog about its preferences? We know that dogs are playful precious creatures and we know that most of them can be easily made happy with a treat, a toy or a walk in the park. Even though there are dogs that are so headstrong that nothing in the world can whet their appetite for life. Among many dog breeds there is this gentle and amiable dog breed the Newfoundland that it shows enormous friendliness toward humans. A the saying goes “Sweetness of temperament is the hallmark of the Newfoundland”. It is easily trained and adores being around people. Perhaps the most famous Newfoundland was Nana, the dog from Peter Pan, who watched over the Darling children. Most owners agree that the characterization the Newfoundland as a natural babysitter who looks out for the well-being of her charges was right on the money.

Having said that, the video you are going to see is about this sweet Newfoundland called Duke who knows exactly what his owner is asking and makes a hilarious face when he hears that one specific word. Priceless! His owner swamps him with questions and instead of being bored and dismiss them instantly, he sits and listens carefully until his word pops up. The questions go as follows: “Hey Duke do you want a treat? Do you want some water? Do you want a treat? Do you want some cheese? Do you want a cookie? Do you want some water? Do you want some dinner? Do you want food? Do you want water? Duke, do you want treat? Do you want water?”.

When you think of a dog, you may think that it likes treats the most. But this is not the case with our Duke, he has another thing that he likes more than treats and everytime the word rings in his head, he changes his expression. His breathing calms down, he shuts his mouth and his tongue is not sticking out any more, as if he was the thirstiest dog in the world. His whole body freezes and the only thing he moves is his muzzle in a gentle twitch. The word that triggers all of these changes on his body is nothing else but “water”. Have you heard of a dog having favorite thing such as water? Well, now you have. As his owner goes on with the questions, he repeats his reaction, and it is totally the same as the first time. There you go, we found a dog that wants water more than any treat in the world. What a funny dog Duke is! As family dogs go, the Newfoundland breed is at the top. Ever patient and loyal, it is more likely that the dog will be abused by the children in its keep than for the dog to ever harm a child. In all respects, this breed is the best suited for children.

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