Water-Loving Newfoundland Doesn't Want Pool Time To End

Published May 3, 2018 88,665 Plays $220.39 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesThere is a form of silliness in every dog out there, be it big or small. Dogs never let go of their playful nature and make sure to always let it shine. Be it a squirrel, a bunch of autumn leaves, or just the sweet companionship of their owners, they will let that side of them loose and play like it is the best day ever!

Smaller dogs are cute when they go loco during play time. But when you see a big pooch like Samson over here getting silly with something as mundane as a pool cover, then it is roll-on-the-ground hilarious!

Apparently, sweet little Samson doesn’t want pool time to end. He really does love that pool. So when his owner went to pull out the cover over the pool, he didn’t want it to go! In fact, he has discovered he has a power to stop his owner from closing the pool. And boy, is he loving this new power!

The machine that operates the tarp notices that there is an obstruction on its way and stops, beeping to notify its operator that something is amiss. She is right there though and she scolds the naughty Newfoundland to get off the rails. Samson whines in reply, asking his owner not to close the pool.

Sometimes though Samson will make good use of the pool cover, even when it is in its place. He probably loves how bouncy it is and the sloshing sound it makes. He will take every opportunity he can get to get on that new toy of his, even if that means to get a stark scolding from his owner.


  • debdeb, 1 year ago

    Lol! "You shall NOT close this pool Human!" =)

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  • BenW, 1 year ago

    An onthecover dog :-)

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