Puppy Takes Lead In Lively Game With Three Huge Danes

Published April 7, 2018 73,111 Plays $179.81 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesDogs play with their litter mates constantly. From around two weeks, when their eyes open, until they go to their own homes, they spend almost all of their waking hours wrestling with each other. In this video, that little dog you see running with those huge dogs is called Frisbee and he may only be 20 pounds but he leaves three Great Danes in the dust when it comes to play time. What a tiger!

It’s true that dogs can have a lot of fun roughhousing with each other. The little Frisbee enjoys chasing the Great Danes, rolling over and jumping around with them. There’s more to their lively antics than meets the eye. The way these dogs interact with one another reveals that they have a language as well as a moral code, and they don't engage in play simply to establish dominance.

Though Frisbee is the smallest among the playful dogs, he is in charge of the game and leads it meticulously. It is evident that he initiated this chasing session and that he loves to have the final word in it. However, there comes a moment when the leadership goes into the hands of the big dogs when Frisbee runs across a soft toy. Well, it is well-known that dogs have obsession with toys and they end up ripping them apart. He snatches the stuffed toy successfully but the rule of the stronger applies to this game, too and a moment later we see the toy in the mouth of one of the dogs. Frisbee fights hard to get it back but no matter how hard he tries to retrieve the toy, the Great Dane just won’t let go. Despite its size, it is very interesting how this gentle dog is peaceful with his little friend, being easy going and mild-mannered.