Great Dane Has Hysterical Hissy Fit After Mom Doesn't Let Him Go Swimming

7 years ago

Max the Great Dane just wants to go swimming on a hot summer’s day, but his human mom won’t let him get in the pool with his jacket on—so Max lets her know, in no uncertain terms, just what he thinks of such an unfair policy. And it’s hilarious. Nevertheless, we can’t help but feel sorry for this deprived doggie. Poor Max!

Who wouldn’t sympathize with the desire to take a dip when the weather’s broiling—especially with such a tempting looking pool right in front of him, just waiting for an oversized canine to take the plunge? It’s unclear from this video why, exactly, it is that Max is wearing a jacket, but obviously he doesn’t want to give up either his styling outerwear *or* his daily dip. What’s a dog to do? Perhaps even more surprising—given how loud a fuss Max is making—is that he’s actually deaf, yet he seems to know instinctively knows that vocalizing, loudly, is sure to get his human’s attention.

It’s always a joy to see a special-needs animal living the life of Riley, and clearly Max has managed to land in the lap of luxury, even with his disability. He has a pool! We’d be willing to bet that, for a dog of Max’s size, paddling around in the water provides some much-needed relief for aching joints that are doing the impressive job of supporting the gorgeous Max’s gigantic, Great Dane size. If only Max could be allowed to do the Olympic-caliber doggie paddle he was clearly born to do! While we never like to do see a dog deprived of *anything* he wants (especially a special-needs dog), we do have to admit that this video is pretty darn funny. Here’s hoping that Max gets over his disappointment soon, ditches the jacket, and gets to enjoy the sweet, sweet serenity of a cool blue pool on a hot day.

Be sure you’ve got the volume cranked up before you hit the Play button on this video—otherwise you’ll miss out on the full, operatic scale of Max’s dismay as he bewails the cruel fate (and super strict human mom) keeping him separated from his beloved water. And don’t forget to share this with an animal loving friend or two (or five). Anyone who’s ever lived with an argumentative dog—and most dogs are argumentative at least some of the time!—is sure to relate!

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