Two-Year Old Is Super Excited To Meet Her Baby Brother

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Rumble / Babies & KidsWatch as these grandparents have the delightful job of informing this precious baby girl that she now has a baby brother. Adorable! They say that they have something special to tell her, that they need to put some nice clothes on because at the night time her mommy gave birth to a little baby brother and together with their dad, they are at hospital. At first, the little girl looks totally confused, she doesn’t have a clue what’s going on but after some more explanation by her grandparents, it seems that she starts to understand that her little brother is no longer in her mom’s tummy.

They say: “At the night time, mommy and daddy went to the hospital and when they were at the hospital somebody’s come out of mommy’s belly, somebody got born”. The cutie pie just sits there at the table and listens carefully while she is “stroking” the table with her little fingers as she is trying to make meaning out of all of that. When her grandpa asks who had come out of mommy’s tummy, she says you. Hilarious! She obviously still can’t understand what’s going on, but her grandparents are so loving and patient that they make sure they explain that she has become a sister now.

After a few more explanations, the girl finally understood what happened the previous night and the moment of her revelation is so adorable. She can’t stop repeating that baby Harvey came out of her mother’s belly and her mom has no big belly any more. She repeats it all over again so it gets into her head because she is obviously so surprised and repeats in disbelief. She is kind of not clear yet how could her little baby brother came out of mom’s tummy during night time. She finds that information fascinating and she can’t believe her ears.
When asked if she wants to see her baby brother, she gets off the chair instantly and runs erratically around the house looking for her fox dress because she has to look pretty for her brother. She doesn’t know what to do with herself, she is so ecstatic and happy that she can’t contain the happiness any more.

We have another video in store for you where a girl finds out she is going to become a big sister. She makes the discovery when her mom asks her to go upstairs where a shirt saying “big sister” is waiting for her. At first, she doesn’t know how to react, she looks happy but confused since she is not old enough to grasp the concept behind the big sister thing. That’s why mom and dad are there to help her. She is shying her teeth with an adorable smile, grinning from ear to ear and noticeably baffled by the meaning of the words. Elise may be taken aback with the news, but she knows well where the baby is hiding and who is going to deliver it. She points to her mom’s tummy and spends a few moments without uttering a word, just rocking from side to side with the thumb in her mouth.