Little Girl Grins From Ear to Ear When She Learns She’s Going To Be Big Sister

KieronAnderson Published May 15, 2018 24,743 Plays $75.26 earned

Rumble / Heartwarming FamiliesAn adorable little girl named Elise finds out that she is going to become a big sister soon. She makes the discovery when her mom asks her to go upstairs where a shirt saying “big sister” is waiting for her. Elise’s parents let her discover the incredible tidings herself by helping her read the words letter by letter. At first, she doesn’t know how to react, she looks happy but confused since she is not old enough to grasp the concept behind the big sister thing. That’s why mom and dad are there to help her.

She is shying her teeth with an adorable smile, grinning from ear to ear and noticeably baffled by the meaning of the words. When asked what she thinks it means, she lets an unknowledgeable and innocent laugh of excitement. Elise may be taken aback with the news, but she knows well where the baby is hiding and who is going to deliver it. She points to her mom’s tummy and spends a few moments without uttering a word, just rocking from side to side with the thumb in her mouth.

Elise undoubtedly likes the idea of being the big sister in the family as she clearly shows it with her body posture. She even makes comparisons with some of her friends who are already big sisters. And when we are struck with happiness this big, it is expected that we want to share it with the people we like the most. For Elise those are her nanny and her teacher, and we are sure that when she breaks the news to them, they will be overjoyed.