Grieving Great Dane Mourns Loss Of Best Friend By Waiting At The Door

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Published: April 5, 2018Updated: April 11, 2018

Max the Great Dane doesn't understand where his buddy Katie has gone after she passed away recently. All he knows is that he wants her to come back and play with him. Check out Max as he sits by the front door and watches out the window, waiting for Katie to come home. Heartbreaking!

Videos of the famous Great Dane duo Max and Katie are spread across the Internet. The two had been lifelong pals until tragedy struck and changed everything for this inseparable pair. These lifelong companions used to spend every minute of every day together, so when Katie went missing, Max felt lonely and did not know what to do.

When one half of the pair, Katie, passed away, her partner, Max was grief-stricken. This heartbreaking footage shows Max sitting at the front door, gazing at the windows, waiting for his lady friend to return. The grieving giant canine parked himself in front of the doors, waiting for his buddy to come back home.

It is so sad to watch the extreme devotion Max displays, refusing to leave his post no matter what. Owner said that Max is obsessed with his determination to keep watch and he refuses to lie down for his usual nap. That is why owner moved the doggy bed in front of the window so Max could be comfortable while he ‘waits’. This pet mourning is a real tearjerker!

Here he sits, day after day, hour after hour, unable to realize that she is never coming. Unable to explain what happened, owner speaks to her baby with a soft voice, trying to give a little comfort to the heartbroken dog. It is very sad!

Do you think the tragic reality will sink in for the brokenhearted pup and he will finally give up and stop looking for his lifelong sidekick? We honestly hope that Max can get along without Katie and we pray that he finds comfort in the loving kindness that his owners provide to him during this sorrowful time. What a heartbreaking video!

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    winkeldinkel · 33 weeks ago

    So sad....poor Max......