These Guys Are Doing An Intense Workout, But Keep Your Eye On The Corgi

6 years ago

They may be our best buddies in the entire world, but due to some rules places by other humans, there are places we just can’t bring our dogs along. Whether it is a supermarket, a mall or a hotel, there are venues in the world that will not allow you to bring your canine companion with you, unless it is a comfort or therapy dog.

Then, there are places where they will gladly accept you and Fido along with you because they know they deserve to be treated just the same - with respect. Take this CrossFit gym for example! They allowed this adorable Corgi to roam around freely and have his own workout with the athletes.

Okay, truth be told, this is a private CrossFit gym and the guy who owns it also happens to own the dog, named Winston. Now Winston here is a really stand up guy. He supports his owner, CrossFitter Jacob Heppner, in every one of his four-a-day trainings. Winston basically lives in the gym, so naturally, he considers the equipment there his toys. Like the rope.

Watch as Jacob approaches the rope; you can see Winston laying behind Andrew Kuechler, another CrossFit athlete. When Jacob starts tugging on the rope, he literally pulls it out of the Corgi’s mouth. Oh, Winston is furious now! What we end up with is a hilarious dog-and-rope chase. It may be cute and funny, but what no one seems to notice is “ the guy on the rope, struggling due to it being pulled every which way”...

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