Puppies Do Their Own Workout At Dog-Friendly Gym

Published March 25, 2018 229 Plays $0.73 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesThey may be our best buddies in the entire world, but due to some rules places by other humans, there are places we just can’t bring our dogs along. Whether it is a supermarket, a mall or a hotel, there are venues on the world that will not allow you to bring your canine companion with you, unless it is a comfort or therapy dog.

Then, there are places where they will gladly accept you and Fido along with you because they know they deserve to be treated just the same - with respect. This CrossFit gym knows that dogs need just as much exercise as we humans do, if not more. So they allowed a Chow Chow and a Bulldog to run amok around the equipment. Can you guess what happened?

Nothing happened! The dogs had their toys and they kept to themselves, chasing each other across the podium. If it were two humans, they might actually tear the place down! But Ponyo the Chow Chow trying to keep up with Bentley the Australian Bulldog. Chows aren't built for speed, but Ponyo gave his very best to keep up with his new buddy.

The athletic Bulldog probably acts like a personal trainer
to the chubby Chow, with the chew rope in his mouth, galloping between the bars, while the fluffy, wrinkly dog tries to follow suit.
“Come on, chubs, you need to lose 5 more until summer! Faster!”

We don’t really need someone to yell at us, we just want someone to slap the cookies out of our hands. Where can we find someone like that?