Phantom Of The Opera: Was Robert Englund The Forgotten Phantom?

1 month ago

The Phantom of the Opera is sometimes considered one of the Universal Monsters. I get it. From the 1925 version that gave us one of the most infamous unmasking sequences ever courtesy of the great Lon Chaney Sr., through the Hammer iteration with Herbert Lom, all the way up to the 2004 film that gave a lot of us our intro to Gerard Butler. 1989 was the beginning of its U.S. tour and we got not one but TWO Phantom movies that year. Phantom of the Mall: Erics Revenge is cheesy and may just be more well known due to our friend Joe Bob featuring it on the Last Drive In recently. Here in the Joblo Horror kitchen today we are cooking something up for you. Take one part Freddy Kruger, a dash of Cannon Films, and a heaping helping of nonsensical gory fun and you get a recipe for one of the Best Horror Movies You Never Saw.

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