Dog Naps On Couch Snuggling With His Teddy Best Friend

Published April 2, 2018 64,406 Views $1.57 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesDogs can be like children and this video is positive proof of that. Heartwarming footage features Junior the Border Collie pup caught cuddling with his teddy bear on the couch, flaunting them big puppy dog eyes at the camera!

You can really see how much the precious puppy loves his teddy bear as he snuggles in with his paws tightly wrapped around his toy. Even his owner is caught up in the cuteness overload this dog presents!

This Border Collies owner had a sneaky suspicion that their dog was laying on the couch when they were not home. Even though their assumptions were right, they never expected to find what they discovered. They caught the most precious moment between Junior and his stuffed dog.

They always knew Junior loved his stuffed animals, but they didn't know he played with this all day when they were away. Here Junior the Border Collie is caught on camera resting on the couch, comfortably cuddling with his toy, snuggling up with it and grooming its head like it was a real puppy!

At first it looks like Junior is just sleeping, but when owner addresses him and approaches him closer, he start wagging his tail and flaunting them big puppy eyes, knowing he is cuter than cute! It is so adorable to witness this precious moment when a dog has his arms around its favorite animal, napping on the couch like a little pro! Such a precious moment caught on camera!