Misty morning Florida canal flyover 4K drone footage

4kDrone Published March 30, 2018 1,104 Plays $1.43 earned

Rumble / World TravelThis video captures a gorgeous misty morning in central Florida flying over a local canal. The sun cast a beautiful golden hue over the trees as the early morning mist was getting burned off by the strong Floridian sun. This video was captured with a DJI Mavic Air.


  • DavidMcNab, 1 year ago

    I love the mist. I was expecting to see a 'creature from the mist' too :)

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  • JeremyandLuigi, 1 year ago


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  • RickRobison, 1 year ago


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  • DavidMcNab, 32 weeks ago

    Came back to watch again. Gorgeous!

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  • winkeldinkel, 32 weeks ago

    Beautiful peaceful video. Do not swim with the gators! lol

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  • Ghostriderto, 31 weeks ago

    That's a great drone. So clear.

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  • BigSexysPlayground, 31 weeks ago

    Amazing dude.

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