Charging Rhinos Show The King Of The Jungle Who’s In Charge

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Published: March 28, 2018

Growing up many of us were obsessed with the animated Disney movie ‘The lion King’ and wondered whether lions were really the 'King of the Jungle' or just ordinary 'big scaredy cats'? See what happens in this real wildlife encounter when two white rhinos stumbled upon two lions sleeping in the forest. Who takes fright and who ends up with the title of 'King of the Jungle' title? Watch this video to find out!

The African male lion is the single greatest wildlife draw card on the continent. He is known as the king of the beasts and an apex predator. He rules supreme by virtue of his sheer physical strength and powerful enough to bring down prey up to three times his own size. With all of this in mind, it is really hard to imagine how anything could possibly stop him dead in his tracks.

This video captures the unexpected moment when a sleeping lion and lioness are surprised by two charging rhinos. Who is the king of the jungle now?

His royal highness relaxes in the savanna with all his glory, soaking up the afternoon sun while dozing off next to his submissive lioness. Being the supreme member of the pride, he doesn’t look around because nothing can catch him off-guard. But wait! There is still something that doesn’t let the lion sleep tight tonight! Interrupting rhinos!

You might wonder, what member of royal blood would ever look around in fear knowing he is the supreme ruler of them all, right? Wrong!

Just when we thought that the lion will release a mighty roar and scare his dependants to run away and not bother him when asleep, things take an unexpected turn. The little two cats get scared to death as soon as the rhinos come rushing towards them, charging like crazy! In a split second, the lions are on their four and disappear out of rhino’s sight! Who’s in charge now? Of course, the charging rhino! We wonder who will take the blame for the insolence!

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