King Of The Jungle Winces Like A Kitten When Stepping On A Thorn

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Rumble / Wild WildlifeThe African male lion is the single greatest wildlife draw card on the continent. He is known as the king of the beasts and an apex predator. He rules supreme by virtue of his sheer physical strength and powerful enough to bring down prey up to three times his own size. With all of this in mind, it is really hard to imagine how anything could possibly stop him dead in his tracks.

This video captures the unexpected moment when a big male lion surprisingly steps on a thorn. For a brief moment the <a href="" target="_blank">king of the jungle</a> was in real pain!

His Royal Highness trots the savanna with all his glory, soaking up the afternoon sun. He is followed closely by a younger male member of the pride, both in no hurry to get anywhere. He doesn’t look to the ground, because he doesn’t have to - what member of royal blood would ever look down to the path he walks on to check for any imperfections that might hinder his magnificent stride?

Just when we thought that the <a href="" target="_blank">lion</a> will simply pass us by, he steps on something that made him wince like the little kitten that he is deep down and we all felt his pain. He may be big and burly, but when a thorn pricks you in a soft spot, you too will jump with agony and surprise.

The sensation throws him off his track and makes him look at his afflicted paw. Since he knows that something is down there that will make him hurt again, he steps to his right to avoid it.

We wonder who will take the blame for the insolence!


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