Guy Aligns Himself With Geyser For A Hilarious Shot

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Published: March 28, 2018

With so many characters living and breathing the air on this planet, it should come to no surprise that some will find joke material in practically anything they see. These jokers are the worst, being able to trip, scare or prank you at any given time, sometimes using only their own, wicked imagination. But there is a special subcategory of jokers who will see a steaming geyser and immediately think of a jet shooting out of their sphincter. And they will stop at nothing to grab that shot!

This guy was visiting the Sol de Mañana geysers in Uyuni in Bolivia, when he came across an active one. Being a member of the aforementioned subculture of wicked minds, the set up his camera low, then laid down in the dirt and aligned himself so that the shooting steam looks like it is coming out of his butthole.

That is right, ladies and gents. While some like to tell dad jokes, there are those whose minds worked in mysterious ways, prompting them to act out ridiculous scenes likes this one.

Seeing videos like these might inspire you to try and make one of your own, but be careful. Sol de Mañana in particular is characterized with intense volcanic activity, while the sulfur springs field, not ‘geysers’ as sometimes it can be read, is full of mud lakes and steam pools with boiling mud. That’s right, BOILING. There are still several holes, the best known emits pressurized steam, visible in the morning up to 165 feet high. If you are not careful and slip into these pools, you might suffer significant burns.

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