Smooth Cat Is Pole Dancing Together With Her Owner

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Published: March 27, 2018Updated: March 28, 2018

Though it’s been heavily stigmatized, pole dancing is a beautiful art that requires unbelievable amounts of strength, flexibility, and concentration. It’s a creative and interesting way to do cardio. At an advanced level, pole dancing is both a cardio and strength workout, which can burn 800 calories an hour or more! Wow! Rather than group fitness classes, where one instructor is often teaching a dozen participants or more, pole dancing classes are smaller and more intimate. Well, when this cat heard how much calories can you burn with pole dancing she decided to try it out!

Aisu the snow Bengal shows off his moves during a pole dancing session. Hilarious! She really has the moves! Sweet snow Bengal Aisu loves pole dancing, he is always on the new pole, it's so crazy! They probably have so much fun! This cat will be in such a good shape by the summer that maybe she will give us a couple of lessons! Adorable video!

The Bengal cat is highly active and highly intelligent. This makes him fun to live with, but he can sometimes be challenging. Nothing escapes his notice. He likes to play games, including fetch, and he’s a whiz at learning tricks. That’s why he’s so good at this! He is a fast learner!

Cats are intelligent creatures, aware of the things they like and dislike. For the most part, we can tell which things cats like the most, by the amount of time they spend with those activities. Would you take pole dancing lessons from this cat?

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    JeremyandLuigi · 37 weeks ago

    Wow that's amazing as much as it is funny! :)