Man Gets Hit By A Windmill At Wedding

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Published: March 27, 2018

All weddings are divine and memorable. Truly, every single wedding! But whether you spend months or even a year planning your big day, something is bound to go wrong. Always! Sometimes those ridiculous things end up making the day even more perfect that you could’ve hoped for. The video you are about to see might be one of the biggest wedding fails ever!

With divorce rates going up, at least half of the people experiencing an embarrassing wedding fail will get the chance to have a re-do! Haha! Almost every wedding is basically engaged to a certain fiasco. The one in this video happened because one of the groomsmen wasn’t very careful in attempt to get a unique photo.

This video was recorded in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada on August 14, 2009. The wedding party was taking pictures in a park. Some of the groomsmen thought it would be a good idea to climb the windmill for a photo. As one of the groomsmen was climbing over the railing the blade of the windmill hit him and knocked him over to the ground.

The man bounced back up pretty quickly because luckily his head landed in a bed of flowers. Only his ankle was sprained and the party continued. After this incident, the city shut down the windmill forever. However, the man has learned a lesson that a rotating windmill is not a perfect place to take pictures.

Take a look at this wedding fail where a man gets hit by a windmill in attempt to make a better picture. Lucky for him, he was not seriously hurt!

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