Two Geese Attack Groomsmen At Wedding

AFVPublished: March 16, 201812 views
Published: March 16, 2018

Geese while beautiful to look can be very aggressive towards humans, especially geese that have been fed by people or live relatively close to humans.

I imagine someone thought white geese on their wedding day would be quite lovely…

Based on what we can see in this video, it looks like the groomsmen at this wedding are in the middle of getting their photos taken or waiting around for their pictures to be taken. Hence the drinks and the smokes. They apparently got a little too close to the nests for these two geese. We did a little bit of research about why geese are such aggressive birds. It comes from a couple of different places. One, the geese mating and nesting season lasts from late February all the way into May, and sometimes June depending how late a goose mated. The mating season lasts from late February through March and the nesting from late March into May. Male geese or ganders are charged with defending their nests during this time.

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