Sneaky Husky Puppy Loves Hiding In The Backyard Plants

Published March 25, 2018 29,526 Views $4.40 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesMeet Maya, the cheeky Husky puppy who loves to frolic in the garden, especially to hide in the plants and play hide and seek with owner. Watch the adorable moment when owner calls for her, and her fluffy ears accidently pop up, showing her hiding spot. Adorable!

Huskies are one of the most popular dog breeds in the world, and for a good reason. They are loyal, smart and strong (they were used for pulling sleds in snow), but also they are known to throw hilarious tantrums and to be very vocal when things don't go their way. Or when they are pleased, there's really no rule for when this happens.

In this clip, a young Husky pup named Maya makes the backyard plant her personal hiding spot, so when owner finds her, she goes bonkers! Watch as Maya frolics inside her green sanctuary, munching on leaves just for fun! This cheeky pup cannot get enough of her comfortable, cozy nest! It is adorable!

She’s lucky enough to have a huge backyard to run around, but having a high plant to hide in just doubles the fun. Imagine how happy she would be if her owners get her a trampoline too. Watching her frolic around her new favorite play area, unable to control the level of happiness, Maya is having the time of her life!

Who doesn't want to go to the park, or better yet, frolic in the soft green grass, run through the vast space, enjoy the clean air and all the buddies you can find there to hang out with. We understand if you never wanna leave the park, but you can't just stay there all day!

A similar case is presented in this video featuring one sneaky pup trying to ‘trick’ his mom into wondering about his whereabouts a little bit longer, by hiding in the bushes! Well, what Maya doesn't seem to know is that, when her owner calls her name and she is curious to see who it is, her ears pop up over the plant, making her attempt to stay hidden kind of redundant. We guess that playing hide and seek with her will be the easiest game ever!