And she thinks I can't see her :)

7 years ago

Who doesn't want to go the park? The soft green grass, the vast space to run in, clean air and all the buddies you can hang out with. We understand if you never wanna leave the park, but you can't just stay there all day!

See, when it’s time to leave the park, Poppy is never quite ready. So over the years this sneaky pup has come up with a way to “trick” mom into staying a little bit longer: by hiding in the bushes! Because who ever wants playtime to end?

We can tell she has been working long and hard on this technique. The bushes are pretty much the same texture as her fur and are high enough for her to just lay low and hide. Sound brilliant enough, right?

Well, what Poppy doesn't seem to know is that, when her owner calls her name and she is curious to see who it is, her head pops up over the grass, making her attempt to stay hidden kind of redundant.

Poor Poppy is way too eager to stay in the park and play, she forgets to check her position in the bushes. We guess that playing hide and seek with her will be the easiest game ever!

Video Credit: Lisa Brownson

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