Youngster Gorilla Has The Funniest Human Walk

Published March 25, 2018 258,316 Views

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsYou've might have seen the silverback Gorilla Louis, an 18-year-old male western lowland gorilla that has been in the news for walking upright at the Philadelphia Zoo. Well, this is nothing new for Lope the gorilla youngster from Twycross zoo in England. You have seen him walk like human many times on this channel, but he manages to make it more hilarious every time. He makes everybody laugh with his swagger. The coolest kid on the block.

The 5-year-old managed to get a big salad during feeding time and walks upright to his favorite spot to sit down and have a few bites. When he had enough, he gets back on his two feet. With his salad still in his mouth, he starts beating his chest, brimming with self-confidence. He moves on with his chest poking out walking down the slope and even walking back up again on his two feet like a human!

It doesn’t stop there he does a full round, yes, still on two feet and the best bit is at the end seeing him from his behind waddling towards the entrance of his inside enclosure. Lope is one of two sons of Ozala and dad Oumbi.

The gorilla family at Twycross consists of 6 members. Oumbi the big male silverback, Ozala the mum of Lope and Shufai. Grandma Bidi and Asante. In 2009 Oumbi joined Twycross zoo to mate with the females. Ozala was Oumbi chosen mate.Lope - was born on the morning of 3 January 2013. Shufai was born on the 24th of September 2016.