Ten Coolest Animals With Inborn Self-Defense Mechanisms

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Published: February 21, 2018Updated: February 22, 2018

Thinking about picking a fight with some of Mother Nature's critters? You might want to think twice about that decision.

The Japetella Heathi Octopus is transparent and doesn’t cast a shadow, making it easier to hide from predators above. It can also turn red to reduce its reflectivity in artificial light.

The Iberian Ribbed Newt can push its ribs through its own skin, using them as a weapon. It’s exposed bones are also covered in a lethal poisonous substance.

The hairy frog, like the Iberian Newt, cracks its own toe bones and pushes them through its feet. Its toes act like makeshift claws until the threat subsides.

When provoked, the bombardier beetle sprays hot, noxious, toxic bodily fluids out of its anus. The spray is a mix of enzymes that cause an explosive reaction and are released at boiling temperature.

Not to be outdone, the Northern Fulmar projectile vomits onto its attacker. Its vomit smells like rotting fish. A scent the Fulmar’s victim will wear permanently.

The Pygmy Sperm Whale hides in its own excrement. When threatened it defecates into the water and stirs it up creating a cloud to hide it.

Some say size doesn’t matter, but not the Elephant Hawk-Moth Caterpillar. When predators approach, it puffs itself to resemble a snake.

Like any ordinary porcupine, the African Crested Porcupine uses its quills to stab oncoming enemies, but this porcupine has quills that are long and sharp enough to pierce through vital organs.

The Dormouse will shed its tail skin in an instant if a predator tries to grab it. Unfortunately, the Dormouse can only do this once, since the skin on its tail doesn’t grow back.

The Slow Loris has poisonous glands near its armpits which it rubs over its teeth and body. The poison makes this creature’s bite so effective it can send its attackers into anaphylactic shock.

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