Silly Pup Loves Playing With His Ball In The Snow

Burt_JRT_AdventurerPublished: March 23, 2018Updated: March 26, 20184,374 views
Published: March 23, 2018Updated: March 26, 2018

It is winter again and everything is white. It is that time of the year when the white stuff covers the earth and it rests upon the ground as if it were a feather cushion, soft and fluffy. Snow covers everything in pristine white. So let the snow craze begin.

Children are not the only ones that look forward to the snow; dogs do too. Take this doggy for example. The Jack Russell Terrier looks like a big dog in a tiny package that is totally focused on his game, completely immersed in the snow without paying attention to anything else. What he only needs is his colorful ball, the perfect antidote against the snow with its turquoise blue color. He is so focused on his game, that he ignores everything else. It looks like he can play with the ball all day long without feeling the cold, wet snow under his paws. And when you are focused on something that has fully ensnared your attention, time is a relative construction and the icy weather is just a walk in the park.

As the video shows, this dog is an exceptional athlete because rolling a ball in one spot for such a long time must surely demand a lot of energy. He can’t be simply fooled into letting go of his enjoyment since he is highly-spirited, fearless and sassy. Being quite active, agile and competitive, this winter ball game is a perfect mental stimulation for his bright brain.

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