Dog Really Enjoys His First Time Playing In Snow

StoryfulPublished: November 30, 201726,295 views
Published: November 30, 2017

If someone ever tells you they hate snow, don’t hang out with them anymore. How can someone not love snow? When the white stuff covers the ground, everything is so quiet and looks so clean. It lets us feel like we live somewhere else, even if it is for a short period of time.

Just like you can trust a dog that doesn’t like a person, you can surely trust them when you see them having incredible fun in the snow. It is good! The experience of first snow can be really exciting. For a Cocker Spaniel called Truffle, it definitely was.

The Yorkshire-based Cocker Spaniel named Truffle Hunter experienced snow for the first time on November 30, as freezing weather passed over Great Britain. Truffle, whose own Twitter account boasts thousands of followers, loved every single second of the snow falling on the road and celebrated running up and down the street.

“Our boy is famous,” said his owner Jo Ellery, who shared the video on Truffle’s Twitter account. It was her who captured the hilarity that ensued when Truffle met with snow for the first time, obviously falling head over heels for the stuff. The video showing the pooch’s true happiness quickly became a viral sensation, with one Twitter user commenting: “In a world that is a dumpster fire, this is a 25 second oasis. Thank you.”

Shortly after sharing this clip on the internet, Jo Ellery revealed: “He’s sulking with me now because I made him come back inside.”

Credit: Elleryface via Storyful

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