The Story About An Abandoned Dog Who Stepped On A Coyote Trap

HopeForPaws Published March 23, 2018 13,287 Plays

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesHermione was abandoned in a forest in South Carolina and she lived there for a year until one day she stepped on a rusty coyote trap. Animal Control and the local police tried to capture her for five days, but had no luck.

HopeForPaws were asked to fly from California and save her life. Loreta Frankonyte and I searched for her all day, but we couldn’t find her. We figured Hermione was scared of the officers who tried to help her. So, on the second day we asked them to let us work alone. In the days prior to our arrival, a humane trap was set, but Hermione wouldn’t walk into it.

From a distance we could see that the heavy metal coyote trap crushed her foot. Loreta kept talking to her and assured her she was safe with us. The trap caused a lot of pain so she kept licking her wound for comfort. We spent two hours trying to gain her trust, but she kept walking away.

All of a sudden, Hermione got spooked and retreated back into the woods.They realized they are going to need soccer nets so they had those shipped overnight and used them to catch the dog. A team of dozen volunteers helped to pull up the soccer net and went on a mission to catch Hermione.

After a tiresome chase, they caught her. After six long painful days, the rusty trap was finally off, and it was also discovered that Hermione suffered from heartworm. She had her leg in stitches and bandages and lost many bones in her rotting paw. However, she was on medications and wasn’t feeling any pain.

They transported her to Los Angeles to Dr. Robert Olds, the person who can save her leg. Hermione had to surgeries to construct a new paw for her leg. The healing process took a couple of months. The treatment for heartworm continued for several months as well and we are happy to report that she is completely healthy now! Thanks to the generous donations!

Please share her wonderful story! Special thanks to all the volunteers from South Carolina.

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Eldad & Loreta