Driving Through Water To Rescue A Dog Stranded In The Middle Of A River

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Published: January 3, 2018

Good Samaritans had to come to the rescue after a stray dog was spotted stranded on a pole of debris in the middle of a river. This moment captures a heroic rescue mission of a dog stuck in freezing waters.

Footage was filmed on October 28, 2014 in Taboão da Serra, São Paulo, Brazil and shows the heartwarming moment when two kind people decided to drive through the river and lend a helping hand to the unfortunate pooch.

These men rescued a dog after spotting the animal stuck in the middle of the river. The Samaritans were quick to act and immediately went down and drove through the shallow river with their troller, and came to the rescue.

Obviously, they didn’t have a boat so they decided to come to the rescue in their vehicle because time was ticking. This was made possible because the river was shallow and the water level was low.

Stray dogs can sometimes get stuck in the strangest predicaments. From finding themselves lost in the woods to getting stuck into a pipe. This poor fellow, found himself stranded in the middle of a river and nested on a pile of debris, waiting for his rescue.

A dog can be seen sitting on a branch in the middle of the river, keeping its head above the swift-flowing river waters. The moment these people saw a dog stranded in the middle of a river they knew there was only one way to get it out! Rescue troller coming through!

Moments later, we can see the troller approaching and stopping in front of the dog. The door opens and one of the men picks up the dog, which is soaking wet and covered in mud, and puts it inside their troller. Then they drive away and take him to safety!

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