Contractors Dismantle Porch To Rescue Trapped Rabbit

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Rumble / Everyday HeroesJim and Brian are construction contractors with big hearts for animals. When they were hired for a job at a house near Peterborough, Ontario, they arrived to begin the extension of a porch. What they didn't expect is that they would discover something under the existing section of porch. They could hear a scratching noise and the squeal of a frantic animal.

Jim and Brian removed the deck to find an old cold cellar beneath that had been constructed many years before. It now sat unused, but a wild rabbit had fallen into the 6 foot deep hole and was trapped. The rabbit made repeated leaps at the wall and scrambled to claw its way out. The well was too deep for the terrified creature to make the leap to freedom.

Rabbits are not known for being aggressive or vicious, but they do have large, razor sharp teeth and are capable of cutting a person's hand to the bone. Jim knew that this rabbit was too panicked to handle. Thinking quickly, he put a ladder down the hole and climbed in with a metal bucket.

Brian got out his phone to record the dramatic rescue and he stood above the cold cellar to provide encouragement and moral support for Jim. Jim made several attempts to scoop the rabbit into the bucket but the rabbit wasn't fond of the idea. Jim is no slouch, but he's not nearly as quick as a rabbit on the move and it becomes very entertaining to watch him try to keep up.

Eventually, Jim gets the bucket under the rabbit and hoists it high enough to make the leap over the wall. Jim was obviously nervous as the rabbit bounced around in the confined space, narrowly missing his face as it scrambles to keep away from his bucket. His laugh at the end is partially due to the feeling of triumph and partially relief at having not been bitten by the poor creature.

Jim is an animal lover and owns a small farm with an assortment of animals. He also feeds wild turkeys and deer on his property. The animals have become so used to Jim that he can walk among them with a feed bucket and they don't bat an eye. He has a real way with animals and will do anything to help a creature in need.

Jim and Brian truly are contractors with heart!


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    wow... glad there was a happy ending to this!

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