Tesla Service Center rescues trapped kitten in car

anthonkorhonenPublished: June 26, 2017Updated: June 27, 2017423,210 views
Published: June 26, 2017Updated: June 27, 2017

There is a saying which indicates that a cat will always get in some kind of trouble because of it's curious nature. As predators, it is quite normal for cats of all ages and sizes to scavenging in the open world, but often they end up in a situation where a human is involved. Most of the times, cats hide in the suspension system of cars, simply because they are hidden in a narrow place, where foes can't get to them. But what happens when a cat can't find it's way out?

This tiny kitten has been rescued from inside the rear bumper of a Tesla Model X. Now named Tessie, as she’s affectionately called by the driver for obvious reasons, the little orange Tabbie was detected by her audible meowing coming from the back of the car. The owner, who goes by “SU”, was pretty sure it wasn’t a mechanical problem, so he decided to take his white Tesla Model X in for service.

The owner shot this video of the moment the mechanic dug his hands behind the bumper of the Model X car and got a hold of the kitty. The feral little bandit got to frenzied screaming, obviously scared of what is happening. “Sorry, little buddy. Let go!” the mechanic encourages the kitten to trust him so that he can take it out. When she finally sees the light of day, all dirty and greasy, a collective “aww” can be heard by everyone present, relieved that the tiny animal is well.

We hope Tessie has learned her lesson!

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