Brave Little Girl Pulls A Loose Tooth With Remote-Controlled Truck

Published March 21, 2018 8,283 Plays $13.76 earned

Rumble / Babies & KidsEvery kid is a different story. Some are shy, others quite outgoing. Some are creative, others brawny. Some are good with their hands, others with their feet. And then, there are kids that are just regular adventure types. They love to climb trees, roll in the dirt and do stuff that if fun and unusual. Well, this is one of those kids.

She is 7 years old and naturally, she has a loose tooth. Some kids might be scared of the whole idea of pulling out a tooth, but not this little girl. Hew parents say she ill do just about anything, from jumping off a rock to eating crickets!

When she came home from school that day, she was fed up with waiting for that dang incisor to come out. So she grabbed her remote-controlled toy car, got a piece of string and tied one end to the toy and the other to the stubborn tooth.

We can see she is indecisive about it. Maybe it’s not the brightest idea. Her brother is somewhere behind the camera, himself eager to see what will happen.

She takes one deep breath, does a final check up on her equipment, makes sure the thread isn’t tangled into and thing and steps on the pedal. A blink of an eye later and there is a gap where the tooth used to sit. The tingle of the tooth coming out took her by surprise, so she uses her tongue to make sure it happened.

“It worked!”, exclaims our little heroine and we couldn’t be prouder ourselves.

In case you don’t have a remote-controlled toy car to pull that stubborn loose tooth out, we offer you some ideas. There are not one, not two, but 12 ways you can make sure the tooth fairy visits you tonight!


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    Thats too funny!!!!

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    Now that's progress. lol.

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    That's definitely brave!

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