How To Pull A Loose Tooth With The Help Of A Bicycle

Published November 3, 2017 11,168 Plays

Rumble / Funny & WeirdDoctors advise to let the first tooth come out on its own and to save creative tooth-pulling for when your child is a little more experienced in the business of losing baby teeth. For the next one, wait until the tooth is extra wiggly and the kid agrees it should be pulled out. Grasp the tooth firmly, using gauze or tissue for grip, then twist and pull. However, you can expand your tooth-pulling creativity and take it to the next level.

Pulling a tooth can be a painful experience, but this brave boy is up for the challenge. These two boys came up with a very unique way to pull the loose tooth. He attached a piece of fishing line to his tooth and attached the other end to a bicycle. The boy riding the bicycle gives a brief introduction and then starts turning the pedals and sends the bicycle speeding forward, while the other boy stands bravely and waits for the moment of truth.

As the boy drives off, we can hear the fishing line make a stretch sound and the milk tooth is pulled out in no time. It is adorable to see the reaction of the boy, who’s tooth was extracted, make the funniest face as he is left in disbelief. The little boy just cannot believe that the loose tooth is gone just like that and he starts running in search for the pulled tooth, which he finds lying on the street.

Kids, if you have a loose tooth that is “ready to come out” give this technique a try!