Aussie Dog Is Furious Because The Cat Is Out Of Reach

Tommae000Published: March 19, 20189,224 views
Published: March 19, 2018

A hilarious footage has emerged of a whiny dog continuously protesting that the cat is out of his reach. Watch how Opie howls in frustration when he realizes that the cat doesn’t want to be his playmate. Too funny!

Don't we all just want to play? The worst feeling ever is being bored and not knowing what to do with yourself. Well that was the situation that was going on here. Footage shows one very bored Aussie dog attempting to force her feline pal to climb down the window so that he can have a playmate. What a hilarious moment captured on video!

What would you do if none of your friends wanted to play with you? You have three options really. The first is to force them to play with you. The seconds is to sulk and complain about how bored you are. And the third is to do something else either alone or with your humans. Well this dog decided to get frustrated at the cat for not wanting to hang out!

Dogs have to be fairly active throughout the day, it's apart of their natural being. That's why we take them for walks and play games like fetch with them. Well, apparently, Opie here got tired of waiting for her feline friend to get down from the window, and he got frustrated too because the cat was just out of his reach!

It is hilarious just watching at this dog sulk and whine in protest, blaming his discomfort on the cat! Do you think the cat got away on purpose, knowing she is out of doggy’s reach, which means she won’t be bothered by Opie. Or, maybe she is afraid of the doggy pal? Watch this video and decide for yourself!


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      killerbean56 · 38 weeks ago

      I hope they become friends