Dog Makes It Clear He's Sad Because Brother Is Ignoring Him

Published February 26, 2018 8,258 Plays $21.18 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesBeing ignored is not a nice sensation and we hope not many of you have felt it. When you so desperately need someone’s attention, but they keep turning their head or pretend they don’t register you, that can really break your heart. We humans like to keep it to ourselves, moping silently in the dark or at least tell someone really close. But when an animal is denied attention, they will not think twice about having their sentiments known.

These two have been living together almost their entire lives and they have probably spent most of that time together. Eating, sleeping, chasing cats, running in the park and sniffing each other’s poop; those are the activities that two canine siblings do when forced to live together. But even a Husky needs some time alone, away from his brother and his neediness. The brother is not pleased about it.

Rollo the very talkative dog is very happy that his husky buddy Blu is home after being missing for a week. However, it's pretty clear Blu doesn't feel the same way! It seems that Blu has had a taste of the single life, independence, with no one to hover over you while you go number two or just want to scratch your nether region. But Rollo was sad that he had no one to play and chase cats with and now that his brother is home, he won’t even look at him?

There is something brewing beneath the surface of this conflict, but we will not delve any deeper into it.


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    This has to be the cutest video I have ever seen!!!

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