Camera Provides Closeup Of Baby Phoebes In Their Nest

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Published: March 17, 2018Updated: March 19, 2018

Phoebes are small, agile birds that feed on flying insects and an occasional berry or seed. Here, the male and female can be seen bringing flies, wasps, and even a berry to feed their tiny young. A camera stationed beside this nest gives us a close look at the freshly hatched babies as they eagerly wait for food from their parents. The feeding continues almost non stop throughout the day.

The babies appear as small balls of downy fluff that awaken from sleep to hold their beaks open expectantly. Once fed, they close their eyes for a few minutes as if they are sleeping once more. There is no rest for the parents though and they are off again to get more insects.

Phoebes are known for their distinctive call that sounds like the name "Phoebe".

These phoebes have built their nests on a light fixture outside a home in the country where they nest each year and have 2 to 3 young families per season. When the young become ready to leave the nest, they are particularly vulnerable in the brief time that they are on the ground, unable to fly.

On the day the babies fledged, a weasel was seen emerging from the nearby hedge moments after the last baby bird dropped to the garden below the nest. Luckily, a member of the family who watched them grow saw what was about to happen and stepped out the door, giving the weasel enough of a fright that it ran off. The baby bird was helped to the safety of a low branch where the parents kept a watchful eye and brought it more food. Eventually, it found its wings and joined the others in higher branches.

Phoebes return to the same nests year after year and these ones have become accustomed to the family that lives where they nest. It's always a delight to see them in the spring and know that they have made it through one more winter.

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    cdngreenwaterdiver · 38 weeks ago

    nice, i use to love watching baby swallows in their nests on my uncles farm when i was a wee little one.

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    einsteinparrot · 38 weeks ago

    Such a sweet family! The parent birds are so dedicated! Hard to believe I was once a baby bird like that! :>

  • 1 rumble
    SloggerVlogger · 37 weeks ago

    Another great video. I could watch them all day.