Bird Mistakes Man's Beard For New Nest

Published June 1, 2017 23,175 Plays

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsThere’s nothing like the sounds of summer, birds chirping, bees flying around the flowers and kids playing in the park. The summer weather puts us all in a brighter, more positive mood. But have you ever witnessed a beard nest in summer? Yes, a beard nest. We’ve honestly never seen anything quite like this before! Watch this man’s reaction to having an appealing beard nest for birds in the video below. One man was minding his own business in the park one day before a surprise kicked in. Little did he know, he would be befriending a small bird. It straight climbing onto his thick and curly beard. The bird seemed very comfortable bonding with the man and didn’t seem alarmed as it climbed over his body. The bird then formed a little beard nest and got comfy. The bird seemed thrilled to have found a cosy new (temporary) home in this man’s fine facial hair.

We are flabbergasted by this encounter. Seriously, we have no idea what to think. This peculiar looking bird has perched itself onto this here man’s chest and immediately climbs on his luscious, thick curly beard. Research tells us that the bird might be a scissor tailed flycatcher, which is quite common in North America. The bird settles on the guy’s luscious mane and doesn’t move.

So what seems to be obvious is that this birdie is more than confused in its search for a new home. For some reason this guy's beard is an attraction and a perfect "home" opportunity for this cute little birdie. Once it lands on the man's beard we are just surprised as to how it doesn't notice that it has landed on a living creature, in this case a human. Nevertheless, it made up its mind and it is now starting to imagine its new home inside this dude's beard.

The dude, of course, does what every one of us would have done in his stead, have we had a beard like his. He whips out his phone and starts recording! We were treated with only 30-something second of footage so we cannot know how long the bird was scouting the property, but since it is not an actual bird real estate, we can only assume that it went on with the house hunting because it wasn’t been able to claim the beard as its home but the interaction was sweet all the same.

The guy didn’t want to shoo away the bird, instead, he let it do its thing. And he did his thing too, he took out his phone and began recording the encounter to show his friends, because if it’s not recorded like it has never happened. Videos like this just have to be made memorable. Has anything like this ever happened to you? Maybe you have some other interesting video you like to share. Where’s the weirdest place you’ve found a bird nesting? Please let us know what you thought of the video in the comment section.