Talented Pooch Goes On Surfboard Adventure With Owner

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Published: March 15, 2018Updated: March 16, 2018

Maggie, a nine-year-old shelter mix of a Bichon Poodle, and her owner Nicole hit the waves to bond and paddle board together. Maggie is a movie dog who knows over 100 tricks and also visits hospitals and nursing homes every week.

In this video, watch as this obedient dog goes on a surfing adventure together with her owner. Footage shows the talented pooch, hopping on owner’s surfboard and tackling the waves with ease. It's not very often you get to witness a surfing dog!

This tiny pooch loves surfing big waves with her surfer colleague Nicole. Here we can see her comfortably enjoying a bumpy ride, while performing some incredible stunts with her human. Long live the surf-dog Maggie! This is a video that any pet owner shouldn't miss! Don't you wish that you could surf the waves just like this dog?

Isn't this just awesome? There have been skateboarding dogs, dogs that walk on their back legs and dogs that speak, but have you ever seen a dog that could surf? This dog seems to love being in the water and looks like she is a having a great time! Most dogs try to catch squirrels or their own tails, but this dog seems like she just wants to catch waves!

Surfing looks like a lot of fun to do, especially when you see a dog do it! Surely, Maggie practiced a lot in order to get this good. The pup must have gotten some of the best surfboards to practice on, and her owner is very proud of her skills! Maybe you can be as good as Maggie some day if you practice too!

Have you ever seen anything of this proportion before? Would you want to engage in a surfing adventure with your canine companion too? Let us know in the comments!

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