Friendly Puppy Invites Shy Kitten To Play By Starting A Chase

Published March 14, 2018 23,751 Plays $51.71 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesAn adorable moment is captured on camera when a French Bulldog puppy and a little kitten enjoy a play fight session together. They'll be best friends in no time, they’ll just first have to set their boundaries!

Footage shows a playful pooch having a close encounter with a small kitten, immediately trying to befriend the little guy by starting a game. The French Bulldog is an optimist that it will manage to make a friend out of the confused kitty over playtime!

Eager to play, the French Bulldog is seen jumping all around the stunned cat, inviting it to play and have some fun. Will it take the invite? Its eagerness might have been a little too much for the little ball of fur, so the cat decides to pick up a fight, trying to defend itself from the energetic pooch. It seems that when a French Bulldog puppy wants to play, there’s nowhere to hide!

This heartwarming video presents the unusual animal friendship between cats and dogs in its finest, featuring their future friendship in action! This foxy little game is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. It is hilarious how he approaches the intimidated kitty and engages in fierce play. Would you say no to this kind of playmate?

It is hilarious how the energetic bulldog approaches the ignorant cat, and now free he feels next to her. He starts teasing the feline, suggesting they play together. Adorable!

Have you ever seen a cat and a dog play like they are the best of friends? After watching their cute encounter you will be shocked how firm the bond between these two animal kinds can get. We bet their awkward encounter will develop into a strong and loving friendship!