Puppy meets Dachshund, adorable playtime ensues

Thorin Published June 15, 2017 4,079 Plays $11.70 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesCharon the German Shepherd puppy got to meet some new friends during a playdate! With dad Thorin keeping a watchful eye, little Charon came face-to-face with a brown climbing Dachshund dog.

Displaying his curious nature, Charon is all over the funny looking Dachshund. Eager to play, he jumps all around the stunned dog, inviting him to have some fun. Will he take the invite?

Charon’s eagerness might have been a little too much for the wiener, so he tries to run away, but in vain, because Charon is quick on his heels. It seems that when a GS puppy wants to play, there’s nowhere to hide!