This Old Man Got His Face Shoved Into A Cake

AFVPublished: March 13, 2018
Published: March 13, 2018

The cake face slam is a classic prank event everybody is secretly expecting at birthday parties, office parties and weddings the nation over. Does the broad acceptance of this party ritual justify or make the slammer a better person? No, but someone, somewhere, enjoys these things. And people love to record these just kind of moments, in order to have a visual record he or she could use when they want someone to feel uncomfortable by showing them to the public. Take a look at this video and see how this man got his face shoved into the birthday cake!

We waited with bated breath when this old man put his face that close to the cake…and then it happened! Someone pushed his head to the cake and when he raised his head up he was all covered with green frosting. He accidentally left his glasses on the cake and then pick them up. Poor man! Poor cake even!

The children in this video are a little too loud so it is unclear as to what prompted the older man in the purple tank top put his face that close to the birthday cake. Or perhaps, we just have bad sound vibrations from the crowd. If you hear what motivated the man to do this, let us know. Surprisingly, America’s Funniest Home Videos have probably made us go deaf with our own loud laughter. What? We are 60 percent sure that it is a thing. Anyway, the man does put his face that close to the cake. We think he was going to try and take a bite or lick or some frosting off of the cake, but he never gets the opportunity.

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