Baby Pulls Funny Faces When Trying Greens For The First Time

Published March 13, 2018 71 Views

Rumble Greens are good for you? Well, no, thank you! This little girl is everyone of us when we were younger. We loved food, as we do today, but greens were just never our thing! Even though greens are very healthy and our parents always try to sneak some veggies into our meal, sometimes we just cannot handle the unsavoury feeling.

Many nutritionists would stress that greens and sprouts are one of the healthiest things we should include in our diet, but eating vegetables when we were a baby was indeed a serious struggle. Just as it is for the little girl in this video!

Footage shows an adorable baby girl enjoying her lunchtime, when she discovers a funny-looking food on the table and decides it is time to try something new. She grabs the Brussels sprouts in her tiny baby hand and decides to give it a try, but she instantly regrets her decision.

As soon as she savours the flat taste, she makes a funny disgusted face and shakes her head after spitting the Brussels sprouts out. We definitely do not blame her disgust, we had the same reaction when we were introduced to greens when little. It takes some time for the stomach to get used to the tasteless feeling, but we are sure she will become a Brussels sprouts fan when older. Greens are good for you, and you know it!

It is hilarious how this tot reacted to her first green meal! Judging by her disgusted face, she hated it so much that she actually gagged. Watching this unsatisfied baby pull funny faces as she's served with greens for the first time, has brightened our day!

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