First Time Avocado Experience Can Cause Variety Of Emotions

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Published: March 14, 2017

There are plenty of divisive foodstuffs out there, avocados being a leading offender. What is unusual about avocados is that not only can they incite strong sentiments of love or loathing in diners, but they can also inspire feelings of intense indifference! Babies seems to have experienced the face changing routine whenever they try some new exotic fruit.

This young baby seems to be reviewing all options available to her in one go, as she visibly progresses through a range of emotions while tasting the fruit.

The “boo-boo” tries avocado for the first time in her life. Mommy and daddy have prepared her a tasty meal like every child does not like. Gross green thing, a mix of several fruits and veggies.

“Nope, I ain't gonna open my mouth! Hey daddy… Oh, no. Here comes the spoon again. No, it tastes like nothing. Why are you giving me this thing?”

No space to argue, she is going to eat it, as it is healthy and good for her. The food “torture” for this little princess does not seem to have an end. She is about to cry, so mommy decides not to give her anymore of the fruit mix she had prepared for her.

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