Polar Bear Pokes Head Through Window To Ask For Treats

beliiPublished: March 12, 2018Updated: March 15, 201865 views
Published: March 12, 2018Updated: March 15, 2018

One friendly polar bear which does not look like she belongs to the wilderness finds an open window and comes to say hi. As the video develops, we see that the bear not only pokes her head through the window and puts her big, soft paw on the sill just to say hi, she waits for something more - her treat for the day. It is obvious that this is a habit that she explicitly exhibits on a daily basis judging by the people’s reaction. They are used to the bear’s regular visits and they even tamed and befriended her. These folks are not intimidated at all by her appearance.

They are fortunate enough to have a seemingly amiable polar bear stop by for some food. She looks rather keen to try a few <a href="https://rumble.com/v47659-dog-becomes-hangry-when-her-owner-wont-give-her-cookies.html" target="_blank">cookies</a>. She must have been hungry, because devours the cookies and licks her muzzle pleading for more. Those must have been the most soft, yummy cookies the bear has had.

The gargantuan appetite of this giant predator cannot be satisfied with only one crunchy biscuit. She expects some more and as long as she hangs out on the window, she has the capacity to eat not only two or three but a whole packet of biscuits.

It is really astonishing how uncomplaining and tolerant she is - waiting patiently for the next bite without making any fuss. Although <a href="https://rumble.com/v309w4-curious-polar-bear-looks-in-the-window-of-the-truck..html" target="_blank">polar bears</a> are the largest carnivores in the world, this one in the video makes you change your attitude toward polar bears by feeling the need to hug one.

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