Lioness Tells King Of The Jungle She Is Not To Be Messed With

Caters_News Published January 24, 2018 53,145 Plays

Rumble The lion might be the king of the jungle, but every once in a while, even the king needs to be put in his place, by his queen!

Suzanne Scott took this incredible footage of the lion being taught some serious manners at the GG Conservation Lion Reserve & Sanctuary in Harrismith, South Africa. The footage shows two lionesses, Fonda and Suzie, who had just been moved in to live with Aslan, the male. What happens next is a clear demonstration of a new hierarchy and it seems that this pride has a queen instead of a king.

“When they moved in together, Aslan immediately mated with Suzie, and as Fonda is a dominant female we think she possibly got a bit jealous,” says Suzanne. But it could actually be more than that since the lioness quickly jumps to her feet to defend her own honor when the male approaches her while she is sunbathing. The lion made a single move on the female, but she had the last laugh, landing a total of eight blows to Aslan, making his retreat quietly.

“We have seen small fights before between males and females, and it’s usual for the females to submit to the male in these circumstances, but Fonda didn’t want to back down and gave him a run for his money! I was quite proud of Fonda for standing up to Aslan, he appeared to be quite shocked that she had retaliated the way she did.” Suzanne adds.

“The lions did not hurt each other physically even though it may appear that way – but maybe Aslan’s pride was hurt!