Guilty Puppy's Apologetic Eyes Will Melt Your Heart

Published March 10, 2018 8,803 Views $3.27 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesLily is a Golden Retriever cross who brings her family great joy and a lot of entertaining moments. But Lily, like many puppies, occasionally gets into trouble. She has just chewed Nicole's good sunglasses and when Nicole finds them, she confronts Lily about the crime. Whether Lily's face is a confession or simply a reaction to the accusation is hard to tell, but her pleading eyes and wagging tail are enough to melt your heart, as well as Nicole's.

Nicole and Dan love Lily like a child. They take her to the dog park, the local forest, the creek in the backyard and everywhere that a dog could want to go. Lily is energetic and playful and she makes her family laugh with joy.

Lily has entertained them with her attempts to play with the salmon in the river out back, her naughty attempt to get into a tube of moisturizing cream, and her clumsy side when she got stuck with her head in a shopping bag. She made them laugh for hours when she lay on the floor, playing with the door stop.

Nicole also called on Lily to save her when a monstrous spider in the garage caused Nicole to think she was going to be dragged off and eaten. Lily knows how to manage Nicole's reprimands and expose her soft side. She puts her ears back, wags her tail and gives her the puppy dog eyes. And it works every single time.

It seems that no matter which breed you cross it with, the Goldie's good nature will always surface. Another dog did some pretty bad mess and then tried to appologise to his human and very profusely at that! You have to see how desperately he seeks forgiveness!

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