Busted Bulldog Confesses Guilt By Raising His Paw

AFVPublished: March 8, 201720,801 views
Published: March 8, 2017

A sin confessed is half forgiven they say! A footage has emerged of a guilty Bulldog confessing his guilt by raising his paw. Adorable!

Mom comes home to see a pillow torn to shreds with stuffing all over the floor. She asks which dog is guilty, and one fesses up by hilariously raising his paw. She cannot believe it!

This has got to be the cutest confession of all time! How can you possibly stay mad at these adorable little faces, especially when one of them stands up for the group, and takes the blame. Watch as one of the three Bulldogs raises his paw when mom asks who made a mess, he owns up to his crime and half of his sins are forgiven. After confessing to the huge mess, even his owner cannot stay mad for long! Bulldog is guilty as charged and confesses to his sins!

We have all make mistakes in our childhood and often passed the blame to our siblings. Hilarious footage has emerged of a cute Bulldog standing up for his siblings, and confessing to owner. None of the dogs was caught red handed but nonetheless one took the fall.

It takes real courage to confess of one’s sins, and this dog has mastered the art of loyalty and honesty by taking the blame.

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