Big Fluffy Puppy Loves Getting A Good Blowout

Published March 7, 2018 3,110 Views

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesWho doesn’t love getting pampered, right? Just the thought of having someone else to give you a massage, even a neck rub, or a facial, or even a nice, thorough hair treatment can give a person that fresh feeling. You just lay back, relax, let your mind wander, while they make sure that you look spic and span when you get out of the salon.

Well, dogs love that feeling too. Just check out big, old Duke! His fur is so dense and fluffy and pitch black, the sun is probably making his feel like a furnace! Thank goodness his owner got the leaf blower on and ready to give the sweet pup a cool blowout!

If it were any other dog, the leaf blower might have blown him away, but not this handsome fella! With an adult weighing anywhere from 120 to 150 pounds, that leaf blower feels like a cool, summer breeze. Not to mention how fluffy it makes his fur look!

Duke is not the only Newfie in the family who loves a good pampering. His brother Boomer loves it too, only instead of fluffing up his fur, Boomer likes to have his teeth cleaned with the dryer. So cute!

Blowouts aren’t just for your heads; they’re for your butts too! If we had to tell you which part of a dog we love the most, then it has to be a Corgi’s rear end! They are adorable all around, but their butts are hilarious, with their twerking and everything. One pampered pooch knows how precious her butt is, so she let her owner give her butt a blowout. Score!