Corgi Relaxes While Her Butt Is Getting A Blowout

LoraineNg Published March 7, 2018 1,884 Plays $2.33 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesThey could easily be dubbed as the cutest dog breed in existence! Corgis are dogs that almost look like a fox, with stubby legs and big ears like a sailboat’s sails that you just want to nibble on as you squeeze them close.

Such funny little dogs, Corgis have some really weird habits. One of the most lovable habits of theirs is the ability to fall asleep wherever they may be, especially if they are on their backs, just like a baby human. So cute!

It seems like they are made out of all the things one can possibly find adorable on a dog, but if we really had to choose, we would say their most adorable feature is their butts! Especially if their tails are docked, which most Corgi tails are, they are like a caricature that will always make you laugh!

Kira Lim’s tail is docked really short and her butt is like two huge balls of adorable fluff. She has just had a bath, but her spa treatment continues with a glorious blowout. Lying down on her stomach, Kira Lim’s bum is getting the treatment it deserves for being part of such an adorable ensemble!

Corgi butts aren’t just cute to watch while they get pampered. They can also twerk! Just look at how this Corgi twerks with his bubble butt! Sure, we know it is because he is happy and there is no tail to do the wagging, but come on! Have you seen anything more hilarious?