This Adorable Puppy Likes To Sleep In All The Funny Poses

GreatGatsbytheCorgiPublished: July 11, 2016263 views
Published: July 11, 2016

No one knows what makes us wanna change positions when we sleep. Is in discomfort or just wanting to relieve some pressure? The subject has not been researched enough so far, so there is no way to scientifically understand the reasons behind this phenomenon.

Babies almost never do it by themselves, but puppies do it all the time. Why is that? Doesn’t matter, because what we are about to show you will make you wanna take a nap yourself!

Meet Gatsby, the tri-colored Pembroke Welsh Corgi that likes to sleep. It sounds like there is nothing wrong with that sentence, until you understand that Gatsby likes to sleep in all the weird positions.

His favorite is, obviously, sleeping on his back, with all fours up in the air. He looks so adorable when he does that (not that he doesn’t look adorable when he’s not asleep). But then we see him sleeping like a diva, one paw across the forehead, it seems to us like he just can’t shake all that doggy park drama, not even in his sweet slumber.

But the pup also like to sleep wherever his owner is, so if he is at the computer, the pup is either on the Bosu ball, near the computer housing or just generally at his owner’s feet. As he grew up, Gatsby learned that the bed that his owner got him is definitely the best place to hit the snooze, but that did not change his favored sleeping positions.

Anyone feel like hitting the sack?

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